Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NARS Orgasm Illuminator-product review

I haven't tried many highlighters in the past, but I knew that if I'd buy one in the future it would be a Nars one. Before actually going to the counter and swatching all the shades I was thinking of getting Copacabana. However, the Nars make up artist, when I told her I want one of these highlighters, said that Copacabana is the strongest one(pigmented and in your face), Laguna is for a bronzier look, actually do not remember what she said about Super Orgasm I guess it's the second one to more natural look. And finally the one I got Orgasm is the most natural one and looks more settled and subtle too. So,funny thing, aiming for the most strongest and in the end getting the most natural one ha!

I didn't like it from my first application, but I knew I had to give it a chance and I'm really glad I did. It is really natural,catches the light perfectly making your face more lighter and alive.
Having normal to dry skin I really prefer a creamier or liquidy formula instead of a powder.
I tried mixing it with my foundation but it didn't really work, you could really see the shimmer all over the face,or maybe I just put too much of it.
Overall, I recommend this highlighter/illuminator for it's subtle look and consistency. Actually the colour of the product in natural light is just gorgeous!
I paid about £21 and it's going to last me a long time,as you need just a tiny bit of it every day.