Thursday, 5 January 2012

Two of my favourite Make up Trends of all time!

Today, I thought I'd share two of my favourite make up trends. These are really easy to follow and they seem   to suit everyone.
 The first trend I'm absolutely in love with is Spidery lashes+Vampy lips.
 It was seen on the catwalk of Gucci's F/W 2011 collection.

As you can see from the pictures all you really need is an even skin tone(foundation,concealer and for some-powder), spidery lashes(a mascara,about 3-4 coats of it) and a well defined vampy lip(a red/dark red/burgundy/dark brown lipstick-the colour which you think suits you best,depending on your skin tone).

Tip: If you like this trend but are afraid of a dark lip, replace the dark lipstick with a lip stain like Benetint by Benefit or Korres lip butters.

Second trend is Matchy Matchy Make up.
This is when your lipstick matches your nail, cheek or eyeshadows colour or all of them at once.
Or your eye make up matches your dress. There are a lot of options. The main rule is that a colour should match another.
Here are some examples:

I think this trend will always in fashion, it represents a good taste and a harmony between the way you dress and do your make up.

Tip: Don't overload yourself when it's about bright colours. Keep it chic!

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