Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Latest Favourites

As I haven't done April and May favourites posts and now can't wait till June is over to do one, I decided to mention today four products I've been loving lately.
First off, is the Johnson's Radiance Body Lotion with Shea and Cocoa butters which I use every single night before I go to sleep. My favourite thing about this product is the fact that it sinks into the skin really fast. As I was used to the Body Shop butters,compared to those, I feel like this lotion absorbs in just a second. I'm indifferent to the smell though, as it isn't very strong when applied to the skin. If used daily it delivers great results in terms of soft and silky skin.

This next favourite is also one of my daily used products. It is a Nivea sun protecting cream with a Spf of 30. It is quite a challenge to find a good SPF that won't look too white or greasy on the skin. But I believe I've found the one and I'm in love. I love that it is fast absorbing, non greasy and is 50 ml which means I could easily carry it with me every day.
Avon Foot Works Cream in Cinnamon Orange is featured in this blogpost only because of its amazingly awesome scent. If you love warm, woody scents you'll enjoy this cream very very much. It reminds of Christmas.
And the last in my favourites list is a product I got in my Burt's Bees Mystery Bag. While being on holiday I used this constantly. This Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in the shade Rhubarb was a saviour as it is a great moisturising lip balm but with a hint of colour. A thing I have to tell you is don't be scared of the word 'shimmer' in the name as it is totally unnoticeable on the lips in the both shades I own: Rhubarb and Watermelon.

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