Thursday, 16 May 2013

Empty Products # 1

This will be part #1 of the up coming series of Empties posts. This one is all about hair care and body products I've used up since September, when I started collecting empty bottles like a crazy person who has nothing else productive to do with her life. Yep, that is exactly me.
And this is the result here:
First off is the Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash. This is a product I've been excited to try out when I have received it in my mystery Burt's Bees bag, I had in the bag four samples of it (2x350ml and 2x50ml). It became a product towards which in the end I felt quite indifferent. It has a very liquidy consistency compared to your standard shower gel, but it has those jojoba beads that help exfoliate your body. The most disappointing thing about this body wash is its scent. It reminds me of cereal or oats, which is a weird smell to have in the shower, but it is not in any way overpowering, just not very pleasant. I've used almost all of the bottles, I have the last big one in the shower now, but I would definitely not repurchase the product.
I am a fan of The Body Shop products and especially I like their body butters and shower gels. This particular shower gel in the Fuzzy Peach scent has been a favourite of mine since the day I started using it. It is nothing special, it does the job as any gel would, but man, are Body Shop brilliant at creating yummy, refreshing scents.
The Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly shampoo has been a favourite of mine as well. As I have wavy hair, for once I've decided to actually try a product designed for it. Went to Boots, saw this on offer, decided to give it a go. Loved the smell and the product, have not seen a massive difference in the way my hair behaved itself, but it was soft and felt a bit more 'in control'. I would definitely recommend it and repurchase sometime soon.
And the last two products, are Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner from the L'Oreal Elvive range. I've been seeing a lot of new L'Oreal hair care ranges coming out and decided to try one of them out, at once. I've chosen the Triple Resist because I'm always looking for products that ensure protection and resistance for my hair. I've enjoyed using these two together, the smell was very pleasant and almost felt luxurious, in a way. It is always hard to tell whether shampoos work or not, but as long as you don't get dandruff or a scalp rash you are fine.

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