Friday, 5 July 2013

Instagram #9

Have any of you missed these Instagram posts? I think it's been almost a year since my last one, so I guess I have a lot of pics to share with you. However today I will share my favourite ones and if you want to see more follow me on Instagram @focusoniana. If you, yourself have an instagram profile do not hesitate to leave me your names in the comments below, I would be thrilled to see who reads my blog.

Had a fun time with these girlies back in December.Miss you xx | Was invited by my beautiful Coco to take photographs at the Brass Factor | One of the best memories this year was finally seeing live one of my favourite bands called Why? | Back in November dyed my hair Ombre and was quite pleased with the result

This year we had an awesome apartment with an awesome view | In June we made a trip to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine | Last July we went to Spain and had the best time with the best people | Finally, this year we've also been to York and enjoyed it a lot.

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