Monday, 18 November 2013

Pinterest #2

Another post featuring the infamous Pinterest platform. This time it is all about make up and hairdos that I want to learn to create sometime in the future. It all looks simple in the pictures but when you try to recreate the looks it just looks like a terrible mess, yes, I've been there many times. But, as they say practice makes things perfect. Never stop perfecting yourself, there are always new things to learn.

So, my most beloved looks from the board Beauty (these are not my pictures, just my repins):
                           I can never get my polka dots right like this, is there a magic trick I missed out on?
                          Love Keira's hair and make up in this picture, totally something I would wear.
                                        Perfect eye make up for Christmas or New Years Eve.
 This is not an exactly Autumn/Winter look but I really like the combination of the colours here, you could create the same effect but with a red and a burgundy lipstick.
Perfect manicure
                           Really love the make up here, requires a good brushes and a lot of blending.

                               A lot of work in achieving these colours probably, but totally worth it.
                      Love love love the lipstick, I think the colour Rebel by Mac is quite similar to this.
                                              Need to get my hands on it, as soon as possible.

                                             A summery look but love it for autumn, nonetheless.

Very classy and Bardotesque, don't you think?

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