Monday, 26 December 2011

Self-made Palette

I wrote about a week ago on Twitter that I found a way how to bring with me a lot of make up while on holiday and having it quite compactly stored.
In this post I'll share with you my solution and tell you how easy it is to make a palette.
When I was only starting to build my make up collection I thought that a good way of not spending a lot of money but having a vast amount of eyeshadows is to buy an eyeshadow palette off ebay. And guess what? That was a wrong move! I paid around 10pounds(which is really cheap for a good palette) and turned out to have 88 eyeshadows from which about 20 were pigmented and the rest didn't show up at all. So, next time you are thinking of buying off ebay please research and look for a good brand which you know make good and pigmented eyeshadows. Do not fall in the trap of 'cheap and good' like I did!

So time went by, I wasn't really using this palette and was thinking of throwing it in the bin, but something was telling me I was going to get some use out of it, someday.haha
About 2 weeks ago, I got the idea of making a palette from another palette. I wanted it to contain not only eyeshadows,but cheek products too. So this is how it came out to be. I know it doesn't look professional and a bit horrible with that glue but when I'm going to cover everything with products it's going to be alright.
I have here 18 eyeshadows and 4 cheek products. Ten eyeshadows are from the ebay palette(the ones that survived), 5 Natural Collection shadows, an Almay shadow and 2 Art Deco shades. Three blushers are from Natural Collection and 1 from L'oreal(which is more of a highlighting product than blusher).

I'm pleased with this palette's practicability, it is really light and I have a lot of options if I would have brought this with me on a holiday. It is really useful and easy to make. You just need a palette( it doesn't have to be from another product, you may find something around the house,like a box) and then you need your products and glue.
Buuut, if you have the products and do not have a space where to place them, there is a solution for you too.

The Z-Palettes  
These are empty and magnetic so you don't even need glue. Want to invest in one of these too, but later when I have more products around.

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