Monday, 20 February 2012

CK One Shock For Her Eau de Toilette

I never shared with you any of my favourite fragrances before. I guess there is a time for everything.
I present to you my recent love between scents: CK One Shock For Her Eau de Toilette.

                                    This is the box: front
and back
and the actual bottle
I quite like the packaging of this fragrance however it is not travel-friendly because it doesn't have a closing lid for the spray pump. In order to take it with you you have to take out the spray pump and just then you can close it. That is why I am really keen on trying those Travalo perfume atomisers.
You fill them with your favourite fragrance and these are really convinient weighing just 13 g. They usually cost about £10 in shops, but you can find them online for about £7. Check them on Amazon by clicking on the picture below.

And now to the actual scent, to me it smells fruity, it always reminds me of blackberries. It is not in any way a strong scent, because it is eau de toilette the smell is subtle.

I am not really good at describing scents, but here you go a better description of the top notes and ingredients: actually says that 'CK One Shock For Her is an opulent oriental - floral fragrance with top notes of passion flower, pink peony and poppy. Its heart is made of feminine jasmine, narcissus, blackberry and dark cocoa. The base consists of amber, vanilla, musk and patchouli.'

The fragrance retails for a very affordable price. It costs £34 for a 100ml bottle, which will last you a lot! However you can get it even cheapier if is on offer:)

                                      Tell me in the comments below what is your favourite scent?
                                                                 Focus on the Quiet,

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