Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tag: 7 Deadly Sins

Today I thought I'll do a different kind of post on my blog.
A tag.
It's a set of questions which usually is popular between Youtube beauty gurus, but I thought I'll give it a go even though I'll be writing, not talking.
I will be doing 7 Deadly Sins Tag. Don't worry and don't be scared :)
Let's started with the first Sin. Shall we?
GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
My most inexpensive product is an MUA eyeshadow in the shade 19 matte, which I use for my brows. It retails for £1, only in Superdrug.

My most expensive product is a Dior bronzer, which was a Christmas gift this year. It usually retails for around £29.50. I wrote a review on it earlier ( )

Sin two: WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
I guess the product which I love and hate at the same time is Maybelline's mascara One by One in waterproof version.
 I love everything about this mascara, it is the best I've ever tried, however I hate that I have to get it in waterproof. I choose the waterproof version because it holds my curled lashes a 100% better than the normal version, because it doesn't have any water in it. It is just a bit nerve-racking to get off. But I will repurchase it anyway.

And for the second question, I've never been in such a situation where I can't find everything I need.
( I'm sorry I don't have a better picture of this)

Sin number Three: GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
This question is a bit confusing for me, because the word 'delicious' may mean a lot of things in terms of beauty. Of course, it's not about taste, as you may or may not know: Makeup is not Edible!
I guess I'll choose a product which I like the smell of, because there are a lot of product that smell delicious. Yes, you can smell them! 
It is the Mac lip tinted conditioner in Fuschia Fix. It has that Mac vanillary smell, which is the best. I really wish they came up with more colours for this lip tint, because these are really good lip balms and they also give a little bit of colour, as a bonus. 

Sin number Four:  SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness? 
I neglect eyeliner most of the times. I have two reasons: laziness and the fact that I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to drawing a perfect line. So, I usually use eyeliner when I have a lot of time until I go out. I need more practice!

Sin number Five: PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
It definitely has to be foundation. If my skin is looking nearly perfect than I feel happy, however that doesn't happen too often lately with all the blemishes I get. WHY???

Sin 6:  LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Ohh, I think I'm going to say 'Pass' on this one.

Sin number Seven(the last one): ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
If we talk in terms of beauty related gifts, then eyeshadows, lipsticks and body creams/butters. I wouldn't like to get anything related to skin care or skin bases, because I like choosing these things myself.

That is all for today:) Tell me If you enjoyed me doing this kind of tags and I'll make sure to do more in the future. 
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Focus on the quiet,


  1. Hey I like this tag! Should I do it as well? haha x

  2. Yeeeaah,definitely do it. I officially tag you :) x