Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gym Make up

With spring coming in like 7 days now(Wow, that's fast!), everybody is getting prepared for the warm weather to show some toned skin.

Running in the mornings, working out in gyms after uni or work, whatever you do, you want to look flawless even then. I know, I do :) And of course because of all the sweat, heat and other nasty stuff throughout the process of working out you can not wear a full face makeup because eww and because it isn't good for your skin and you definitely wouldn't look beautiful with your mascara coming down your cheeks. Just imagine how embarrassing is that!

The perfect thing to do is not wear make up at all, but for those who can't even bare the thought of this, I came up with a solution. I'm going to share with you 2 products that will just enhance your natural beauty without coming off and streaking.

I've selected the products from high-end and drugstore products range.

So here we go,let's start with  High-end products:
Okay, yes there are 3 products in the picture but I've put two lip products just to give you more choices.

Mac Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 is just perfect for gym. When applying it almost comes to a matte finish, it sinks into the skin really fast. It evens out your skin tone however provides a really light coverage, but that's what tinted moisturizers do. It comes in 6 or 7 shades and I got it in the shade Medium. It retails for £20 at Mac counters, however I got it in Duty Free for about £16.

Benetint by Benefit is a holy grail product for me, because it is so versatile and multitasking. You can use it on your lips and cheeks for a rosy-red tint. Because it is a tint it sinks into your skin without transferring and it is quite long wearing too. Mine is a mini, travel version but when I'm done(I don't know when's that going to be,it lasts for ages) I'll save for the full size product. It retails for £24.50(for the full size) which is a lot, but for me it is totally worth it, because I use it all the time.
Mac Lip Tinted Conditioner SPF 15 is another favourite of mine. A buttery lip balm which also gives a little bit of colour. It comes in 3 shades and retails for £11.

And now on to my Drugstore choices:

Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream. Nivea has always been one of my favourite skin care drugstore brands and this product has been a proof of that,too. It is a great product and it does what it says on the tube, it is really creamy and soft,evens out the skin tone, but the only downside is that it comes just in one shade- Natural. It will suit medium skin tones, but do not buy it if you are really fair. I would advise testing the colour on your hand before buying the product. It retails for £3.66 in Boots.

Blistex Tint & Shine Lip Balm is a tinted lip balm with a little bit of mint going on. It is not the most moisturizing balm I've ever tried but it is good and has a type of 'my lips but better' colour to it. Retails for about £2.40.

And finally Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint which looks like a marker pen and is really fun to use on your lips. I have mine in the colour 03 Pink Princess, but they have other 8 colours in the range. It is easy to handle and apply because of its design. It retails for £7.99 in Boots.

That is all for my selected gym products. I've shown you tinted moisturizers which are perfect for evening out your skin tone without looking cakey and heavy and 2 choices of lip poducts: a tinted lip balm for colour and moisture and a lip tint for colour only. 
Because all these products are really light, I think they are more than suitable for working out.
Focus on the Quiet,

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