Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Orly Nail Polish Collection

Following my Opi Collection( ), is my Orly nail polish collection. It is more than two times smaller but there is a reason why: the brush. It is really tiny compared to the Opi one and I hate it when you have to brush five times to cover up the whole nail. Other than that, the nail polishes are amazing. I particularly like the brush handle, which is rubbery and comfortable to hold.

These are the two polishes that I own: Mirror Mirror and Galaxy Girl.

The Orly brush compared to the Opi one

Mirror Mirror is a creme light grey colour. I usually apply two coats for an opaque colour. It looks great on pale skin, in my opinion.
Galaxy Girl is quite hard to describe but see for yourselves in the picture above. This nail polish looks good with three or even four coats. It is a pain to get off, but let's face it- beauty needs sacrifices.
The swatches will be up soon, for both my collections :)

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