Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Instagramming #4

Happy Sunday everyone! 
I know it is quite late in the evening, but I hope your day went great. And you didn't get mad at the weather outside(as I did). On a brighter note, I have some pictures from this week to share with you.

1. Revision has taken quite a lot of my free time this week. But good results won't come easy without some work done.
2. However, sometimes decisions are hard when you have to choose between academic and leisure books. The academic ones won this time, sadly.
3. This week I finally watched Singin' in the rain. I love watching old movies. There is that innocence the modern ones do not have.
4. Also couple of days ago, I've reached 13,000 page views on my blog. 
5. Summer is not here yet, but you can always treat yourself to summer fruits. These don't have the same warmth and taste but at least it is something to remind you of those sunny days.
6. Cooking time with my boyfriend. 
7. It was delicious along with some good wine :)

Have a lovely end of the day and a great week ahead!
Focus on the Quiet,

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