Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Instagramming #3

Hey, guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, the uni work and revision for the upcoming Politics exam is just killing all my inspiration. Promise to post more next week, as I'll have a bit more free time to review products and maybe shoot some outfits.

This week, I haven't done anything exciting that is why even my instagram post is going to be quite 'poor' in pictures. The only thing that made my heart melt, these past days, were the blooming trees, especially the pink ones. It is so beautiful outside(when it's not raining).
In the third picture, the spaghetti and chicken dinner, was cooked by my boyfriend. Loved it, how he arranged the salad leaves(just for my plate haha).
The fourth picture, is the Brie cheese that we adore and bought today.

That is it for today, hopefully the weather outside is going to get sunnier and the summer will get here faster :)
Have a relaxing Sunday and a great week ahead of you!
                                                 Focus on the Quiet

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