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My Top 10 Favourite Youtube Beauty Channels

Before I've even had the thought of starting a beauty blog, I was obsessed with youtube beauty channels.

I once saw, in the popular videos page, a beautiful brunette girl with a video called 'Everyday Make up Tutorial'. I was intrigued by the image and her, so I pressed the button and there she was doing her make up, explaining every step and what each product does to her complexion.
It was my first ever watched beauty video. Before that, I didn't even know something like that existed on Youtube. Youtube for me was all about funny cat videos and music clips.

Now, I'm subscribed to almost 150 people on Youtube and probably a 100 of them are beauty bloggers from all over the world.

This post will feature 10 of my most favourite youtubers and why I love watching their videos.

I'll start in no particular order as I can't really make a top, these people are all pretty awesome.

Speaking of professionals, I'll start with Lisa Eldridge. She is a famous make up artist, who does editorials for a lot of high-end magazines and a lot of celebrities' make up too. I could watch her videos for hours and not get bored. She is very engaging and inspirational. She always does make up tutorials featuring the latest trends on young beautiful models.
Her Youtube is

Tanya Burr is another talented make up artist, whom I very much enjoy watching and learning from. In her make up tutorials arsenal, you can find looks for every ocassion. A thing that I love about her is that she is always so positive and radiant. She is a very 'sunny' person.
Her Youtube is

Oh, this girl! She is loved by everyone and you have to watch her videos to know why. I promise you'll be converted to that 'love crowd' after watching just one video. I've been watching her since she first started making Youtube videos and I knew she's going to be a 'phenomenon' on Youtube. She is Canadian and her name is Essie. Essiebutton, to be more exact.
Her Youtube is

This next favourite youtuber of mine is Fleur de Force. Beautiful name and beautiful personality. After watching her for some time you feel like she is your best friend. And of course, you have to be in love with her dog and her two cats, too.No doubt.
Her Youtube is

Then I also love watching sototallyvlog. I love her sense of fashion and her long long hauls. Her name is Lexi and what I love about her is that she is just genuine. She doesn't care what people think about her or her life. I feel like she is a person who would be always honest with you.
Her Youtube is

Niasays is another youtuber whom I like for her style and personality. From her videos, I could tell that she is very kind and understanding. If we talk about her beauty videos, I always listen to her recommendations as we have the same skin type, so it's always useful to know what she likes.
Her Youtube is

This person is my newest love on Youtube. Her name is Louisa(TheHappyWallflower). It is quite hard to describe why I love watching her videos. Probably, because she always seems so calm. She has been really kind and friendly to me, when I first tweeted her. And on the internet, this is the case when you usually get ignored and do not get a response back. I still need some time to discover her :)
Her Youtube is

ThePersianbabe is another beauty channel that I adore. If one of her videos comes up in the feed, I leave everything and watch her. She is really beautiful and has a really good sense of style. Every single time she features clothes or jewellery in her videos, I want everything. I also love her everyday eye make up.
Her Youtube is

Zoella won my heart through her love for corally red lips, of which I am a lover myself. She is always fun to watch and I also love her primark or thrift clothing finds. She has an eye for all things girly and cute. And when I watch her together with Sprinkleofglitter, I just can't stop laughing.
Her Youtube is
and Sprinkleofglitter(her baby is the cutest little baby in the world)

And last, but not the least is Ruth, from AModelRecommends channel. She really is a model, as the title suggests and as you can imagine her duty is to always look flawless and beautiful. And she always succeeds. Her product recommendations are always luxurious and well-reviewed. I really love her 'gift ideas' videos or how she does a make up tutorial using the latest high end make up brands.
Her channel is

Huh! I'm done with my top 10 youtubers. It was really hard to write something about each person from what you've seen in their videos. I am really sorry if I said something wrong and I really hope I didn't offend anyone. I just wanted to share some love and talk about some really great people out there that are worth checking out. They all inspired me and a whole lot of other people to begin something of their own. This beauty blog is a demonstration of that.

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