Monday, 14 May 2012

Style Crush #1 Olivia Palermo

I'll be writing in the future a series of blog posts on the celebrities' styles that I love. First off,without a single doubt, is Olivia Palermo.
When looking at her, I don't even know what I like best - the way she looks or the way she dresses.
I would describe Olivia's clothing style as classy but with seasonal twists. It is not eccentric or something you've never seen before, but for me it represents good taste, the ability to combine colours and textures for them to be in a balance.
 Her style describes best the way I would like to develop mine in the future. I'm now in a slow, but strategic transition to do that. Hopefully.

                            Her boyfriend is always gorgeously dressed too.

Pictures from Pinterest

For her beauty favourites see:

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