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Tips and Tricks from Professionals: Make Up

Some tips and tricks from the Elle magazine website that I thought I'd share with you. All of them are really useful if you want to look flawless.
Too much moisturiser will make your foundation slip; our skin will only absorb what product it needs, so blot the skin before applying foundation for a long lasting finish.'
Jamie Coombes, Dior's UK National Make-up Artist

Product primers ensure a long lasting hold to foundations, keeping skin smooth, fresh and radiant all day long - they are a must, especially before a special occasion.'

Marie McKeever, Clarins UK Head of Treatment Development 

When working with dark eyeshadows apply these before your foundation so any fallen pigment won't ruin the base. Also, apply your mascara before your base as this can also knock excess pigments onto your base. Remove all fallen pigments with a cotton bud dipped in a cleansing water, and then apply your base.'
Make-up Artist, Florrie White

'When choosing the right shade of foundation, it is important to match your chest to your face.  You should aim to match the two otherwise your face will be one shade and chest another. If your chest has caught the sun and has more colour then warm the skin on your face with a little bronzer applied to where the sun naturally hits to give a natural glow.'
Cassie Lomas, Make-up Artist and Bourjois Spokesperson

Concealer used for the eye area should have more of a creamy texture with enough slip to make it blend effectively and be sure to use an eye cream in conjunction with the application of your concealer so that it does not look dry or cakey. Concealer used to cover scars or blemishes should be a little heavier and have a slightly drier feel to them. This will ensure longevity on the skin and provide the right texture for that specific area.'
Laura Mercier

To get started you need just three make-up brushes – a smallish rounded dense eyeshadow brush that you can use to apply and blend your eye shadow. A medium sized flat blusher brush to apply your blusher and bronzer. And a larger fluffier brush to apply or remove excess powder.'
David Scheffen at NARS

The right blush is the colour that your cheeks naturally turn when you exercise or blush. It’s important to find a colour that makes you look instantly healthy. The right blush should practically blend itself- otherwise you’ve chosen a colour that’s too dark or too bright.'

Bobbi Brown

With highlighter the key is to go two shades lighter than your skin tone. Look for one with a hint of gold or pale pink if you have olive skin. If you are pale go for pearly white or white gold for maximum allure. Apply under your eyebrows, across the top of your cheekbones, on your cupid’s bow and a touch at the very inner corner of your eyes to brighten.'
Petra Strand, founder of Pixi

To stop bronzing powders from appearing muddy or streaky on the face, first lightly dust a sheer translucent loose powder all over, this will ensure a smooth, even, longer lasting golden glow.'
Chase Aston, International Make Up artist & Spokesperson The Body Shop

'If you have time, define your lips with a bit of concealer first to highlight your lips, it will make the colour you choose pop more and enhance your lip shape.'
David Scheffen at NARS

To find the perfect pink lipstick to suit you, apply three vertical stripes of pinks on the lips, the one that is the closest match to your gums is the shade for you. For red lipstick do the same - three stripes - then smile the shade that makes your teeth appear whiter, is the red for you.'
Chase Aston, International Make Up artist & Spokesperson The Body Shop

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