Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Instagramming #5

1. This week I finally got the Movie Journal I've wanted for some months now. It basically is like a notebook with blank space for your own film reviews but it also has a 501 must-see movie list that I'm excited to go through this summer. However, there are a lot of action films in the list I wouldn't watch.
2. Our living-room window. We've seen a bit more of the sun in the UK this week.
3. White grapes. This Sunday's fruit.
4. Bought this box of cereal yesterday and it's so goooood :)

1. Nandos.Table 5.
2. I still hope I can cure my bad sight with carrots.haha
3. My perfect kind of meal. Crispy turkey or chicken with lots of salad.
4. Didn't like marshmallows when I was a kid, tried them again this week after many years. Still not sure if it's a hate or love relationship.

Have a great week!

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