Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hair Care Routine

I've been really pleased with my hair lately. Maybe it's because I cut it shorter or maybe the products that I use really work. Whatever it is my hair looks healthier and stronger than ever.
As sharing is caring, I thought I'd show you the products in my hair care routine. You'll definitely find something for yourselves.
I'll start with the shampoo that I'm using at the moment, and it is the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. It is supposed to enhance the colour and shine of your hair giving it a multi-dimensional tone. Didn't notice any change in colour, but it most likely does that for dyed hair only. On the other hand, it definitely helped with shine, because my hair doesn't look that dull anymore.
It is a great shampoo,but I won't repurchase it just because I love trying a new brand of shampoo every time I need a new one.

The next product is my favourite out of the whole routine. It is the smell. If you love sweet, cupcakey scents-this conditioner is for you. The scent lingers for almost two days in your hair. The Organix Conditioner does what it says on the packaging-it softens, nourishes and strengthens your hair. I really felt a difference since I started using it. The Organix have a large range of hair care products and all smell really really good(from the ones I've tried). Take a look on their website: Can not wait to try a new product from the brand!

This next product is something I do not use very often, but I still am going to mention it. It is a heat protecting spray by L'Oreal. It is the most neglected product out of my hair care routine because I straighten my hair like once in two months or so. I just don't feel like straight hair represents me. I love a messy type of hair styling for myself. I do not have any negative things to say about the product, to be honest it is quiet hard to talk about a protecting spray if it works or not, when you use it once in a blue moon.

You've probably seen this VO5 Styling Spray in my monthly favourites post earlier this year. I still use it and love it. This spray will work best with curly hair. Just spray it all around your hair and it will give your hair that beachy waves effect. It will probably be my most used product this summer.

The last product in the regime I use after I wash my hair and it is still wet. I apply two pumps of it in my hair and leave it in, without washing. It is a mix of oils and vitamins for your hair. It helps moisturise, strengthen and will make your hair grow faster. I really love the smell of this VO5 Miracle Concentrate as it is very relaxing and just smelling it makes you feel like in a spa resort.

That's it for today, I hope I didn't bore you on this sunny Wednesday :)

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  1. i loved JF when was a blonde - havnet tried the brunette yet