Monday, 16 January 2012

Body Time!

I don't know why but it seems to me that sharing with all of you my bath and body essentials is like an intimate thing. However, I'll give you a glimpse of the products I use in order to keep my body moist and ready for the cold-frosty winter.
The idea behind a beautiful looking skin is Exfoliate - Cleanse - Moisturise. And that's the 'concept' I'm trying to follow so far.
So, the first step is to Exfoliate your skin. I use a Sanctuary Body Scrub, which smells just fantastic. It has notes of grapes and cranberry. One thing I really love about this particular body scrub is that the beads are actual crushed fruit seeds.
I'm not sure if this particular Sanctuary Body Scrub is available now in the stores, because I bought it earlier in a sale. But I'm sure any other Sanctuary scrub will be just as good. Sanctuary is a brand which mainly focuses on spa products and I want to try, like everythiiiiing!

Next thing to do is Cleansing!
In the past, all I looked for in a shower gel was the smell. I prefer most of all, fruity scents, somehow they make me feel full of energy and it's like summer in a bottle.
Lately, I've been enjoying the Body Shop's shower gels, not only they have a big variety of smells but are the most moisturising gels I've tried so far. I'm now using the Papaya one and next is Passionfruit. I also have the matching body butters.
And here it is the Papaya Body Butter, which is a part of the moisturising step.
                        Do not have much to say about it, it is good but it is not the best body butter out there. I am still in search for the perfect body moisturiser that would really change the way my skin looks and feels. Any good recommendations?

             So, at the end of the day, all I have to say it is your body, no one will take care of it other than you.

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