Thursday, 19 January 2012

Dior Bronzer in 003 Amber Matte

 Back in December I had this product on my Christmas wishlist and now I am the proud and grateful(to my boyfriend<3) owner of this beautiful Dior bronzer.
I'll show you some pictures:
It comes in this velvety pouch,which looks really chic, when it's new and clean. Mine is a bit dusty from all the travelling this month, but I'll clean it,promise.
This is the most beautiful compact I've seen, the colour and the design is just so classy and at the same has a 'modern woman' twist.
This is the back of the compact with the full name and colour of the bronzer. A thing that seemed interesting to me is that it is water-resistant, however not had the chance to try that yet.

And here it is the actual product. In my view, it has more ashy undertones to it, it doesn't look orangey at all. If you have a medium skin tone, I think this shade would suit you perfectly.

Also, a good thing about this bronzer, is the SPF of 20 which is always good to have in your products.

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