Friday, 27 January 2012

Mac lipstick in See Sheer

Hey,guys! Today I'll be reviewing a product which was raved about all over the world, a Mac lipstick. These are known for their variety of colours, textures and finishes. In my collection, I have only two Mac lip products: a lipstick, which is what I'm reviewing today and a lipglass. (the review will come later)
If you ask me why I don't have more Mac lipsticks as they are so popular and good, I'll say it's the price. I'm sorry, but I just can not justify myself a £13.50 lipstick. I think there are similar or even better lipsticks in drugstores for a half price. But I've bought the two that I have just out of curiosity, so let's see what I have to say.

All my thoughts on the lipstick are positive.
 It has a subtle vanillary smell, which I very much enjoy. 
The finish of the See Sheer lipstick is lustre, which means that it is glossy and moisturising. 
It lasts on my lips for about 2 hours.
It is a light, wearable coral, it is an alternative for those who want to wear coral, but are afraid of those orangy-red bold lips.

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