Sunday, 22 January 2012

MaxFactor lipstick in Ruby Tuesday

There is always that chase for the perfect red Marilyn lip, however turns out Monroe's make up artist used about 5 different shades of red lipstick to get that full shape and perfect colour. So, here you go an excuse to buy another red lipstick to your existing collection or start a new one if you don't have any!
Also, a thing which might make you feel more like Marilyn, is the fact that some sources say, MaxFactor was one of her favourite make up brands.
In this post, I'll present you MaxFactor's Ruby Tuesday, a bright red lipstick which recently became one of my favourites.
Let's start with the packaging...
In my view,for a drugstore lipstick the design is quite good, all the lipsticks from this particular collection have a gold cap and the bottom represents the actual colour of the lipstick, which is useful to find when in hurry.
A thing that I like is the X carved on the lipstick ,which makes it look more professional and unique.
And now on to the product itself, I think it is a great lipstick and a shade which would suit a lot of skintones. It is moisturising and smooth on application, I wouldn't be bothered applying a lip balm before it. It is quite glossy as you can see in the picture, but is highly pigmented.
                I usually dab it onto my lips with my ring finger first and then apply a full layer of lipstick on. 
                                              The lipstick retails in drugstores for £7.99.

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