Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Favourites

This month I haven't got that many favourites to share, however the ones I chose to show you are absolutely great. My skin looked and still looks quite bad these weeks, that is why I don't have any skin care products featured this month.
But, let me introduce you to my January loves:
This month, I rediscovered NYC's matte bronzer. I love everything about, besides the packaging. But what can you expect from a £2-3 bronzer? It does the job, the shade is perfect for warming up and giving yourself a more lively and summery look in winter.
It is matte and the shade is Sunny.
And I find that this bronzer brush from Ecotools works like a magic wand with it.

Next, is an eyeshadow which I think represents me really well,if I were an eyeshadow this would be me in a pan. haha 
It is an Estee Lauder matte eyeshadow in Wild Sable. I would describe it as an ashy brown, while on the lid, and it has a velvety smooth consistency. I really want to get more Estee Lauder make up, these past months I've been really drawn to this brand.

This product(Benetint by Benefit(sorry the name is rubbed off ))was created for me, you can say whatever you want but I believe that, truly. No, I don't, but I'm in love with it, the colour, the thing that it is subtle and also the fact that you can use it as a blusher. This what makes it one of my favourites.
It looks like a nail polish, however I really like the design of it, it makes application be so quick and easy.

And the last, but not my least favourite is a Barry M nail polish...
...in 318 Peach Melba. It is a light, creamy peach colour. I love how it changes in different kinds of light from a white in some, to almost a neon peachy pink in others. Barry M polishes are my favourites(I think I have 8 of them), the quality is really good, I love the colours and also the packaging is quite simple, but nice.
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