Saturday, 3 March 2012

February Favourites

Yes, it is that time of the month again! I won't ramble a lot and get right into the business. I'm too happy it's spring outside and I want to let go off winter as fast as I can!

                                                                 My February Favourites:

    1)Johnson's daily essentials facial cleansing wipes. There is not a lot to say about facial wipes: either they work (meaning they remove your make up leaving no traces) or they don't. These particular ones did the job for me this month. I even removed my mascara with them and no irritation was caused. These are fragrance free which is always good, for the sensitive skinned ones out there.

2) Rimmel Mattifying Topcoat. I've waited quite a long time to get this matte topcoat but I'm glad I finally did. It is just something fun to play with and a new perspective upon painting your nails if you're already sick of that regular glossy finish. No, it doesn't last as long as 10 days, like it says on the packaging and one coat of it is quite enough to matte your nails.
3) VO5 Tousled Style Spray. I was never interested in hair care, however this hair product appealed to me from the moment I read a review about it some months ago. It has almost the same properties as a mousse but it is not sticky at all. It feels like water and defines your curls, giving your hair more texture and volume. If you are a fan of beachy waves look, this product is definitely for you.

4)Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Normal/Dry Skin). During those several weeks of bad skin, I was in need of a higher coverage foundation. Did my research and from all the drugstore foundations available on the market, Revlon Colorstay promised a long lasting and medium to high coverage formula. So, cheeeck and cheeeck! And also it comes in two different formulas depending on your skin type: normal to oily or normal to dry. Can just express my love for Revlon, like now? I love the foundation so much I didn't stop wearing it from the day I got it! Great coverage,don't even need a concealer anymore. Staying power-came off when I need it to come off. I would definitely repurchase it! The only issue is that it doesn't have a pump but that's manageable.
5) Nivea Night Cream. You know my love for Nivea, right? I present to you another beautiful, but affordable product from their range-the Rich Regenerating Night Cream. It has such great consistency and I would recommend it to more drier skin types because it can stay a bit greasy on the skin. The packaging looks expensive with that dark blue glass jar that feels quite heavy. If you didn't know Nivea is a drugstore brand you'd think the cream costs around £25, when it actually is around £4. Nivea never stops impressing me with their products!

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