Saturday, 17 March 2012

My first ever personal blog post

First, I'd like to thank you all, who made my decisions easier by voting the poll. As I'm now writing this post, seven people voted yes and no one voted no. So, that's a good start!

I'm still quite uncertain of how to organize these posts properly and how often I want to post them, but time will show and I'll get more experience. So, don't judge me too hard. Better give me suggestions :)

This week was quite full of assignments and deadlines, from both uni and also the magazine I'm writing for. I've interviewed four people, which was quite an experience. I'm usually shy when talking to strangers, however this time I thought I did pretty well. 'Good job' to me, then!

Let's see some pictures from this week, shall we?
1stpicture- probably, the best cereal you can find in the supermarkets
2ndpicture- Tried Sainsbury's Carrot Cake and OMG so good-was gone in two days!
3rdpicture- Currently reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, the strawberries looked good alongside the book
4thpicture- If I could eat salad every day, all day, I'd be more than happy!

Saturday's Outfit (just details, as I need to get used to the cameras again)
I have to say, I am no fashion icon! Do not expect really 'cool' outfits from me, because I dress really casual and comfortable. And also let me tell you- I'm always freezing! So, don't be scared if you see me wearing a big chunky scarf in spring :)
1st picture- Converse are my go-to shoes, but sadly I'll have to part with them soon as they don't look very 'healthy' anymore
2ndpicture- I really love this necklace and I got it from Asos. My scarf is from Zara and it has become my favourite thing ever.
3rdpicture- I know this ring is really childish and hilarious, but I kinda like it, again from Asos.
4thpicture- The train station, don't have anything else to say, really.

Eye make up of the day:

Favourite make up look of the week( Am I the only one excited for the neon colours being in trend right now, even in make up? I really love how a neon pink eyeliner looks, and of course bright lipstick-always!)

Listening now to PJ Harvey- Let England Shake album

Okay, I think that's enough for today. I'm so sorry if all of this seems like a random mess to you. Promise, to get better next week!

Thanks for stopping by,
Focus on the Quiet

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