Thursday, 15 March 2012

No7 Totally Teal nail polish

Let me say straight away, that teal is one of my favourite colours. It is not a blue and it is not a green colour, it has something rich and sophisticated to it. That's why I love it so much!

And also that is why when my teal nail polish runs out I go running for another bottle.
Previously, I had a teal polish from the german brand Manhattan and as almost none of it was left, I threw it away.

So, some days ago, I thought I'd benefit from the £5 off Boots No7 voucher and get their polish in teal. 
Who knew I'm going to be hating it?

The colour is perfect and the brush, one of the best for applying the colour to your nails. But, oh man! The consistency and the formula are so awful. It is drying really slow and you need to apply three or more layers of polish for an opaque colour(with all my other polishes it's always just two).
It lasted just a day on my nails. And because of so many layers( I've applied a top coat too) it started peeling.

I do not know maybe mine is kind of a product failure, but that's what I've experienced with it.

 In the daylight
 With flash (oh how I love the colour, isn't it pretty?)


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  1. Ah I bought this exact nail but in a pinkish shade called 'Me! Me! Me!' and I found that it too, chipped a day or two after application :( they have such nice colours but it's a shame that the nail polish doesn't last on the nails that long.