Sunday, 11 March 2012

Travalo - Perfume Atomizer

If you travel a lot, you have to have this! Travalo is a refillable perfume atomizer which you can take with you on board or in your everyday purse/make up bag. It packs over 50 sprays of your favourite perfume and is really easy to use. 

The packaging:

      Weighs 12g and is 8 cm long.
        Here is a demo of how you use it.
 Basically, you just remove the spray cap from your perfume, place the Travalo atomizer upright and pump up and down, so that it fills up with the fragrance. You can see how it fills up through the small window(oh and it's also shatterproof! ).

These come in different colours, but I just chose pink because I'm such a giiiirl lately :)
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